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By - Maria George

The Right Skylight For Your Roof

Fixing skylights on the roof is not like installing a window in the wall. The roof shape is important for the selection of skylights. There is different skylight for a sloping roof and skylights are different for flat roofs.

Failure to install will cause future problems. Flat roofs, for example, are more vulnerable to drainage problems. Flat skylight can cause pooling of water on a flat roof.

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That's why experts recommend the use of skylight domes on flat roofs. It promotes drainage. Skylight for the installation of low tones generally has a significant slope is built into the design.

Skylight is introduced into the design and architecture of the house to bring a lot of light, heat and warmth. But, what happens if there is a tree towering in the sky on the roof?

Position skylight on the roof plays a crucial role in determining the usefulness and effectiveness. There should be a clear opening in the area where the sky to be placed.

An East facing skylights allow in plenty of sunlight in the morning, while the one facing west brought lets in the afternoon sunshine.

The room size also has an influence on the effectiveness of the sky on your roof. If the room is small, your options are very limited as skylights are best suited for large rooms.

The structure of the house is another determining factor. If there is a beam, pole or pipe on the road, the sky above the roof may not get the right amount of visibility.