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By - Maria George

Tips To Generate Perfect Business Cards

Business cards are an important marketing tool; it's your opportunity to advertise who you are, what you do and how you do it. It can often be ignored, but if your business card is a can of appropriate, effective professionals greatly improve your chances of making valuable contacts.

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Here are some tips for creating the perfect business card:


Use a quality card. A thin card that can easily rip or folded will project a cheap image. A popular choice is matt laminate on both sides with 400 GSM-card. This will give the feel of a thick quality with a quality look and texture.

Make sure your business cards according to your industry. For example, if you are a lawyer or accountant you should probably not have flowers or funny caricatures on your business card. Think about your target market and the image they expect.

Think of the card as an ad. Yes, it is used to provide contact details but also your chance to attract the attention of the recipient. Use it to convey what you're doing right and how you do things and other things that might be interesting.

Font type and size are very important to think about the most important details on the card and do not use many types of fonts, consistent. Another thing that is important is the type of font; this should correspond to your industry and fit in with the rest of your brand.

Colors on your business card must be selected carefully. Psychology of color is a complex subject and the colors you choose can have a dramatic effect on how other businesses are looked at.