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By - Kim Garza

Tips to Take Care of Vegetation in the wintertime

Trees are beautiful accompaniments to any landscape, and each one expresses an individual story of what it has survived. To ensure that your trees stay fit and strong year after year, they require accurate maintenance. Part of an ample tree care includes formulating them for winter as this is when they are the most exposed to damage through cold temperatures and severe weather. Trees that have structural flaws have a higher likelihood of sustaining additional or more severe damage from snow, ice, or dense winds. You can get the information regarding various tree trimming services via Links & Resources – Matt’s Tree Service

Here are tips to keep your trees in best shape.

1) Clean Up Canopy and Foliage

Start by examining each tree's canopy, observing for dead, damaged, or loosely hanging branches. Do some light trimming to remove dead or broken limbs, and eradicate ivy or other vines that add unnecessary weight to more tenuous branches. This is particularly significant for freshly implanted and younger trees, as any additional weight can snap or harm growing limbs.

2) Check Root System

Review the root system of each tree. Trees with spoiled or significantly exposed roots are more probable to fall in severe wind storms. If over half of your tree's roots have been wrinkled or cut, if it is first to lean, or if soil seems to be forced up nearby the base of the tree on the reverse side of the lean, it is advisable to have your tree professionally appraised to ensure its well-being.