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By - Maria George

Use Duplex Filters For Ultimate Industrial Stainer Solutions

Duplex filter or strainer double basket has the capacity to operate continuously without interruption in the process. They were removed, cleaned effective baskets used for catching solids and other particulate matter that can be caught in the screening process. 

Types of filters are ideal for applications that mainly consist of pipelines that do not shutdown to change out or any cleaning basket. 

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Therefore, the main benefit of the duplex strainer is to provide uninterrupted downtime for cleaning and maintenance. They allow the system to run smoothly the screening process and direct the flow into the bucket alternative when other components reach capacity.

Structure and Function Duplex Filters

Industrial duplex filter or strainer basket strainer has two separate rooms and not a simple filter. The second room is effectuated to the service in an independent approach. 

When one chamber basket almost got full, the flow is directed to another basket space to let the system face a disturbed flow. If it is necessary for cleaning or maintenance, the filter basket is then removed from the room to serve, cleaning and / or replacement. It was then replaced in the same way when it is ready for use again.

Nevertheless, regardless of the design, efficient duplex filter engineered to perform to the special application year in and year out, the commercial sector and even in the most demanding industries.

Industrial duplex filters are widely used in a variety of lubrication and hydraulic systems.

Some other common applications where these filters are used in chemical plants, compressors, condensers, cooling lines in power plants, the supply lines of ink for printing presses, automotive industry, and waterways for cooling tower and pumping station to take water from the water bodies nearby.