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By - Kim Garza

Using Facebook To Advertise Your Real Estate Properties

This article was written by Mudon dubai property management.

In our series of articles we been talking about how to successfully establish a real estate agency within your hometown. In this article I am excited to share with you a couple of strategies that will help you successfully quote and list more properties so that you can obtain more customers and more importantly increase your revenue for your real estate business.


In this article are going to talk about using Facebook to advertise our real estate properties. Facebook is a amazing website that allows more than 2 billion people to connect to one another which means that people who want to buy your properties are likely using the Facebook service themselves. With that being said, I want to recommend the utilization of Facebook advertising platforms that allow you to target directly the people who are wanting to purchase your real estate properties. The nice thing about using Facebook advertisements is the fact that usually you do not need a large budget to be successful when using Facebook. However, while will mention is the fact that when you decide to use Facebook advertising you are going to need to do some testing to figure out which advertisement on Facebook are performing better than others. If you are not very technical savvy I recommend hiring a freelancer who can jump in and help you create Facebook ads that are proven to work for your business. Additionally, the recommended budget that I would say you should have for Facebook advertisements is about $400 per month if you want to see really good results. If you have questions about the use of Facebook for advertising feel free to ask your questions down below within the comments section and we will do our best to answer those for you. Thanks for reading and have a great day, good luck to your real estate marketing.

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