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By - Kim Garza

Ways to Label Clothes

Just about everyone needs to label cloth now and then. Yes, from school uniforms, adult clothing for those in care facilities, kids heading off to camp to athletic gear. There are several ways to label clothes.

Laundry markers

Some people consider using a permanent in laundry marker as the easiest way to label clothing. The indelible ink can last through many washing. It is quick to use as well. The downside, however, is that this method of cloth labeling can bleed through to the outside of a garment. And once it does bleed, it is permanent.

Laundry stamps

There are now self-inking stamps that you can use to label cloth. Just like the laundry marker, laundry stamp is quick and easy. However, keep in mind that it also has the same limitations as laundry marker.

Sew-in labels

There are also beautiful custom woven labels you can order to enhance your garments. Sew-in labels can be designed to showcase the knitter or seamstress who made the garment. Or, with your name or monogram. These are indeed lovely labels. However, they are time-consuming and are the most expensive of all. You will need to wait several weeks to place and receive your order.

Iron-on and/or peel and stick labels

These labels are convenient, cheap and will usually last through the life of the garment. Not to mention that if the garment is handed down, a new label can be ironed over the previous one.

This method of cloth labeling is very helpful, particularly in a situation where your kids spring the need for labels on you at the last minute.

If you want to label your cloth, the easiest, quickest and cheapest way is by using peel and stick labels. It is quick, long-lasting, and won’t bleed. If you want this kind of label, you can contact us to get your unique, personalized peel and stick labels.