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By - Maria George

What Are Indoor Roller Blinds?

In this article, you will be finding out about all different kinds of roller blinds and how they work. From Blockout to Translucent you will find key facts about each different roller blind and find one to suit you. 

Photo of indoor roller blinds in a water park in melbourne

Indoor Roller Blind Options 


The first blind is Blockout. The purpose of these is to block out the sunlight. They are generally used in homes where people want to stop sunlight coming in. These are perfect for in bedrooms as they keep your room darker for longer. Blockout roller blinds provide the best sunlight coverage without the bulky material from curtains! 


Sunscreen is another form of an indoor roller blind. This is mainly used for privacy. They have been crafted with an open weave which stops people from peering into your home while you can still enjoy the sunlight. It allows you to look out onto the world without needing your blind open. These are the perfect blind for you to enjoy sunlight in complete privacy. 


Another type of indoor roller blind is Translucent. This is perfect for rooms that can get too bright during the day. Translucent blinds allow you to still enjoy the sunlight when shone directly onto the window, but this blind fades the sunlight which will create a unique ambiance in your room. Translucent roller blinds will be ideal for you if you do not want to completely block out the sun. 


Plain blinds are the original roller blind. These are perfect for if you want complete privacy. Made from either cotton or polyester, the blind is rolled down the keep the light out, or up when you want to let the light in. This roller blind is the same as curtains with less material. 


Textured blinds work the same as plain roller blinds. However, the fabric used to make this blind is woven to create a raised pattern which forms a texture. These add a chic and more stylish look to your home. Textured roller blinds can also be Blockout blinds, so the choice is yours. 

Image of an office with natural light and blinds

Working Your Indoor Roller Blind:

Motorised roller blinds allow you to control your blinds from a wall switch, remote or even your smartphone. These are gaining in popularity every day. Chain is a more common way that roller blinds work. This involves a rotation chain being pulled to open and close your blind. Spring-loaded blinds allow you to pull the bottom of your roller blind to the desired spot and it will hold this position. When you close the blind it will retract back to the top automatically. 

Why Choose Indoor Roller Blinds? 

Indoor roller blinds should be a choice for you as they allow you to add your unique touch to your home. They come in a range of different styles which allows you to have plenty of options to choose from. The different ways in which you can work your blind are again your choice so you can make your home your own.