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By - Maria George

What are the Different Types of Law Firms?


Law firms depend on two main factors; size and genre. Some law firms have single attorneys while others have more than one lawyer working. This is important to understand when it comes to hiring a lawyer depending on the size and the type of matter. For instance; when someone is undergoing divorce then they need to seek out help from a divorce lawyer. Similarly, for construction related issues, one needs to hire a construction lawyer. Looking for lawyers via law firms is a great way and one must know its types. These are some of the types of law firms.

  1. Solo Law Firm – A firm consisting of a single lawyer is what solo law firm means. The lawyers working in such a firm usually practice general cases like personal injury law, family law etc. There are chances that the lawyer may have practiced additional specialization field. If you’re on a budget and need to resolve a small legal issue, then this is where you must look for the lawyer you are looking for. Plus, their fees too aren’t that expensive.
  2. Small law Firms – Firms consisting more than one lawyer is what small law firms mean. Boutique Law Firms is another name for this type of firm as the lawyers help their clients in solving from simple to complicated legal matters.
  3. Large law Firms – In this type of law firm, you will find dozens of lawyers working. This type of law firms can be mostly found in major cities and countries. Criminal defense, large litigations, business transactions and other complicated matters can be solved by the lawyers working in this firm.

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