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Mazy Kazerooni

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By - Kim Garza

What Makes Scream Queens Fashion Stand Out?

Scream Queens fashion arguably has a style all of its own. Standing out is something that does no harm in the world of fashion. The fashion is presented and viewed on the Scream Queens TV show have largely helped to form the image of the show itself. These days the fashion of a TV show can have an important influence on its popularity with audiences, and quite possibly what their viewers will wear. The show has a big name cast to attract the maximum number of viewers and they wear designer clothes as they are portraying wealthy students that find themselves in danger in various situations. Seriously though Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande are not going to be seen wearing bulk standard supermarket bought Scream Queens outfits.

The students wearing Scream Queens clothing in the show like nothing better than to be dressed from top to toe in designer clothes, jewelry, watches, as well as shoes. Some of the scenes show the characters in the most danger at night time where they get the chance to make their designer underwear stand out. The Scream Queens fashion stands out for it being aimed at younger viewers that can afford designer outfits, or have parents that can afford such outfits.